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The functionality of automatic roti maker machine is wide and designed in under control of technology. Utility of compact body is so easy. There is no any breeze function for utility .Demand of these machine is  for live easy life and for healthy and testy food.

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Product Description

It is very easy to get soft rotis by this automatic roti maker machine which ‘MADE IN INDIA’. No more long process to make  roti.Just supply of dry atta, oil and water in given atop box and press number of rotis which you want for output.After its automatic process it  will present one by one soft,delicious and healthy rotis at downstairs black slide.Illiterate people can also easily use of its features.Child who  became mature are easily use of automatic roti maker machine.Roti is a round,flat, unleavened Indian bread.All have need of roti and anybody can  easily use of automatic roti maker machine.It is easy to make roti you can bake at home easily. It is obvious that people who have less time to  spend on cooking will find this fully automatic roti making machine is request from technology. It simply lets you relax while it bakes rotis with  the given parameters. The appliance can make one roti in a minute.

Specification :

Model : APS-ARM-555

Rated Voltage : 220v~224v

Rated Power : 22000W

Weight : 15 Kg.

Design Type : Compact

Time Per Roti : 1 minute 30 Second

Color : grey

Material : Full Food Gred material



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