Automatic Roti Maker


Fully automatic roti maker for home is the latest innovation to hit the market. It present fresh and healthy roti in minute same like as order. It like as give an order at hotel for rotis. Our engineers have find out fully automatic roti maker machine which is  fully means we have nothing do to make roti just press key and roti is ready.Fully auto matic roti maker machine is saving of time,gas and  electricity. Fully automatic Roti Maker with Rust protective Stainless Steel Cover. It designed with Power On And Ready Light Indicator.


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Product Description

Automatic roti maker which ‘MADE IN INDIA’  is best for one of the kitchen appliance.Roti maker machine for home use, which  main contain to less electricity, space and gas also.Roti maker machine is fully useful for those women who work at both home and office to maintain  her timing schedule.Mostly use of this machine for home is getting success achievement to manufacturer.To make better lives of family, roti maker  machine is the best way.Home based auto roti maker is provide to get more time for other work of home.It is not necessary to give time for auto roti  maker.It works by itself so we get time to other work and also family.

Specification :

Model : APS-ARM-555

Rated Voltage : 220v~224v

Rated Power : 22000W

Weight : 15 Kg.

Design Type : Compact

Time Per Roti : 1 minute 30 Second

Color : grey

Material : Full Food Gred material


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